About Me
Hello, world. Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio!
My adventures in photography started in 2007 when I was a photographer for my high school newspaper. We had a Canon Rebel with two kit lenses. From the moment I heard the shutter click, I was smitten. I photographed primarily sports, but really I photographed anything I could. 
At Marian University, I studied photography and tried my hand with film, with portraits and studio work, but especially with sports. I photographed football, tennis, softball, baseball, volleyball -- all of it. When Marian went to Rome, Georgia for the NAIA National Championship for football, I went and recorded us winning for the first time. Bill Foley, a Pulitzer-prize winning photojournalist, was my only photography professor and for four years I tried to learn as much as I could about photojournalism. 
Now, I work full time for Apple as a Senior Advisor for AppleCare. In my spare time, I've done weddings, engagements, events, sports, marketing, headshots, and even some studio work. As long as there's a camera involved, I'm interested in the work. Starting out with photojournalism as a focus, it's allowed me to be versatile in what I photograph. Photojournalism is about capturing the moment and I've discovered that's what people want on their wedding day, or at a sports event, or really any shoot I've done.
If you like what you've seen on this site, please let me know. I'd be happy to capture your moments, too.
Pricing and Products
All services are for digital files only. Unless otherwise agreed upon prior to a photo shoot or event, I do not print any images. Digital files will be full-resolution JPG files that can be printed or posted, but not manipulated. Additionally, unless otherwise agreed upon, payment is due at the time of the shoot. This can be done by cash or check, or digitally via PayPal or via ChaseQuick Pay with Zelle.

First 8 hours: $1500
Every hour after: $100/hr
Retainer: $300
Second Photographer: Varies
Any wedding with more than 300 guests requires me to hire a second photographer.

Engagements, Family Photos, or Senior Pictures
First hour: $200
Every hour after: $100/hr

Want to book a shoot or have any questions? Drop a line!
Thank you!
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