Dune Messiah (Dune #2)

Frank Herbert

If I hear a movie or TV show is coming out and it’s based on a book, I always try to read the book first. Dune, by Frank Herbert, was no exception. I will admit that the size of the book was daunting but last year I read Dune in anticipation for the stunning movie.

The movie was so good, in fact, that I watched it twice and after the second time I ordered the second book in the saga, Dune Messiah. I was excited to read the second book because it offered much more to the story. While reading a thread online, I saw some concerns about Dune being a story of a white, male savior coming in to save the day. One commenter on this thread mentioned that this is only the first book of six and that the story progresses to be quite the opposite.

This piqued my interest and so I ordered book two, curious to learn more. I have to agree after reading this that Dune does not end in a happily-ever-after. Herbert wrote this saga to chronicle this universe and all it’s ups and downs.

Prior to starting, I also saw that Dune Messiah was not originally written as a novel, but it was serialized and published in parts in a magazine and later compiled into a book. I could tell where some of the story was broken up but it didn’t detract from the story or interrupt my reading in any way.

If you enjoy the writing style of Herbert in Dune and fell in love with Arrakis, then you’ll enjoy Dune Messiah. Curious to find out what I’m reading next? Check me out on Goodreads!

Author: dleszcynski

Curious Human.

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